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5 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Could be Your Next International Destination

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George Michael Fernandez

Written on 28th Jan 2022

George Michael Fernandez

Written on 28th Jan 2022

Sri Lanka’s travel and tourism industry has been flourishing with the newly found excitement amongst International travellers who keep coming back to the island for it’s tropical weather and to experience the rich cultural heritage. With its geography ranging from golden beaches to lush green hill stations, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for international travellers looking for diverse landscapes and unforgettable experiences. The recent influx of international tourists has also inspired the Sri Lankan Government to pump in a lot of money into infrastructure which has tremendously improved the connectivity within the island. Since the tourism industry makes a significant contribution to the Sri Lankan economy, the Government has also brought in numerous reforms to make the country a tourist-friendly haven. 

Here are the top reasons why we think you should consider Sri Lanka the next time you’re planning an international trip. 

1. Endless possibilities of immersing yourself in different cultures

Sri Lanka’s history is often looked upon as bloody and filled with conflicts. However, ancient Sri Lanka has a very different story to tell. Kandy, a major city in Sri Lanka right now, was the last capital of the Kandyan kingdom before the British captured the island. This spiritual centre is also home to the Temple of the Tooth Relic, a religious site of enormous significance to the followers of Buddhism. Buddhists from all over the world visit Kandy to worship at the temple. The relic of the tooth of Buddha also had many political connotations in ancient times as Sri Lankans believed that whoever holds the relic of the country has the right to the governance of the country. The island country also boasts of 6 World Heritage Centres recognised by UNESCO.

2. Pump up your adrenaline by exploring Sri Lanka’s rapidly-growing water sports scene

When we say Sri Lanka has it covered for everyone from cultural enthusiasts to adventure freaks, we couldn’t be more accurate. This island  has a list of places that could satiate your thirst for all kinds of adrenaline rush. The clean blue water beaches of Sri Lanka is the perfect place to go deep-sea diving and explore the magical underwater world. There are so many hidden waterfalls where you could go for a dip after a short trek through the forests. Kitulgala is one place you shouldn’t miss if you enjoy river rafting. Located South of Kandy, you can meander through the waves irrespective of your expertise in river rafting. Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, kayaking trip on the Kalu Ganga river and surfing at any of Sri Lanka’s serene beaches are some of the other water sports you could indulge in during your Sri Lankan visit.

3. Revel in the vibrant nightlife offered by Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan streets fill up with many street vendors at night who specifically set up their shops to provide the tourists with a quintessential experience of Sri Lankan cuisine. It might look like several parts of Sri Lanka never sleep, there are so many nightclubs where the parties go on till dawn. The nightlife in Sri Lanka is not just about pubs and clubs but also about the colorful bazaars which spring up in the evening. Also, Sri Lankan nightlife, just like every other thing in Sri Lanka could be incredibly budget-friendly also offer luxurious options at the same time. 

4. Intra-island connectivity which makes getting around in Sri Lanka such a breeze

The Sri Lankan Government believes in scaling up the country’s infrastructure as it wants to find a spot amongst world’s most sought after tourist destinations. This policy-level approach  has provided the country with  great roads and railway connectivity. All the popular destinations within the island country are easily accessible in the presence of a stellar infrastructure. The Sri Lankan Government is also constantly innovating  new ways to provide the travellers with the best experience during their visit to Sri Lanka. 

5. Whatever your budget maybe, Sri Lanka is extremely affordable

One of the first things to keep in mind while visiting Sri Lanka is that with the right travel partner, you could end up staying on a beach facing luxurious hotels for a reasonable price. The tourist friendliness of Sri Lanka makes it extremely easy for travellers to cover all the major places in the island country without spending too much time bargaining the prices. The country offers a truly international experience for every tourist regardless of their budget. 

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