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Tarsar Marsar Trek - Kashmir and you, nothing in between.

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George Michael Fernandez

Written on 13th Aug 2021

George Michael Fernandez

Written on 13th Aug 2021

Kashmir is often cited as heaven on earth, but according to Kashmiris, the real beauty of their land lies beyond the mountains. The vast stretch of greenery, accompanied by the pleasant Himalayan breeze, tall peaks that house several new lakes are some of the reasons why you must visit Kashmir and experience heaven on earth.

Even for those with an admirable set of vocabulary, describing the beauty of Kashmir could be an arduous task. It is no surprise Kashmir is not just a tourist destination but also a favorite amongst filmmakers. Several iconic movies have been shot in Kashmir due to the unique landscape that is rare to find in any other part of India. Some of the world’s maverick filmmakers keep coming back to Kashmir because they cannot get enough of this magical land.

Once you’re in Kashmir, there’s a wide array of options to choose from to spend your time as a tourist. But, going on a trek in Kashmir offers some unique experiences. As put by Umair, a Kashmiri, it is as if you’re roaming around heaven. Due to the terrain and favorable weather conditions, Tarsar Marsar is an ideal trek for beginners.

The following are the things that make Tarsar Marsar a unique experience

1. Revel in the serenity of Aru Village

The vast green meadows of Aru makes the perfect setting for plunging into the solitude of Kashmir. It feels like Europe, especially at this time of the year, where the shades of green are at their best. Situated next to a clear stream passing through, Aru makes you feel like you’re inside a painting.

2. Camp under the lone moonlight on the banks of an Alpine lake

There’s a magical feeling that comes along with setting up tents and sitting around a camp fire by the pristine lake of Tarsar. Glazed by the moonlight, Kashmir starts wearing so many colours as the trek proceeds.

3. Explore two offbeat alpine lakes — a Tentgram exclusive offering

On day 3 of your trek, you will get to explore the mesmerizing Zadsar lake, which is an offbeat lake only visited by the locals and gipsies. As soon as you reach Tarsar lake on day 4 of the trek, our trek guide will offer you something priceless — to climb a peak and go witness an aerial view of the mighty Battaksar lake, which used to be covered in a glacier until a few years ago. According to the locals, you could also find graves of two shepherds that do not get submerged in water even during the harshest monsoon rains.

4. Marsar Lake - Tucked under the clouds, a beauty worth the trek

As you reach the highest point in trek — Marsar Lake — everything looks like a piece of art around you. The vastness of mountains makes this trek an ideal opportunity to catch Kashmir in its grandeur.

5. A peek into the gipsy life in Kashmir

During the journey, you’ll be coming across plenty of structures built by gipsies. Kashmiri gipsies start moving as soon as the weather becomes unbearable. These stone structures are very sturdy and provide a safe house to the gipsies who come and stay in these during the pleasant season. Due to their lack of interaction with the outside world, they’re not really excited to meet other people, so remember to respect their privacy.

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