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Why Suryanelli Should Make It To Your Bucket List!

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Ayushi Murli

Written on 4th Mar 2022

Ayushi Murli

Written on 4th Mar 2022

Comfortably nestled in the midst of some of the world’s highest tea plantations, lies the peaceful, inviting, enticing town of Suryanelli. Suryanelli, interestingly also known as ‘the land of no sun’, is undoubtedly going to be the ray of sunshine you need, away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life.

Offering a plethora of energising activities and electric, yet calming community events, you’re guaranteed to feel a connection with nature and your fellow travellers, like never before. 

And the view? You’d have to see it to believe it. It’ll peer into the depths of your very soul with its breathtaking, panoramic mountain range. With culture and camaraderie oozing out its every inch, you’ll find yourself blending in effortlessly, feeling right at home.

So let’s talk about specifics. What do Suryanelli and its neighbouring locations have to offer, that will make your experience an unforgettable one? 

Phew. We could write books about it, but for the sake of the blog, we’re giving you just the best of the best.


1. Tentgram Suryanelli

What do you get when you blend an eclectic property with enthusiastic people? Tentgram Suryanelli! Of course, we’re promoting ourselves, but once you visit us, we know you’ll do it too. Completing this list, at the very top is a place you’ll enter and never want to leave. Equipped with hostel-style, community accommodation for 40 and tents for our cheerful campers. We dedicate our days to exploration and interaction, and our nights to warm campfires and warmer people. With infinite attractions in and around the property, this is the perfect spot to unwind, let go, and rediscover yourself!

2. Unforgettable Sunrise at Kolukkumalai

We’re not the kind to recommend waking up at 4:30am because we know you need your beauty sleep, but in the case of catching a Kolukkumalai sunrise, we’ll always make an exception. Witness the sky in all its stupendous hues, transitioning from vermillion, pinks and yellows, to 50 shades of blue. Picture this: You’re in three layers of clothing, 7,900 feet above sea level, atop the world’s highest tea plantations. Feeling chilly from the gust of wind surrounding you, with the tempting aroma of light, soothing tea leaves, almost tasting their freshness, it’s a little piece of paradise. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot pillows of fluff AKA cloud beds. For those rare few, if your luck is out of this world, maybe you’ll spot something phenomenal, a sight that comes around once in a lifetime; maybe a satellite launch! A group of sunrise enthusiasts had no idea what was in store for them when they were caught by the surprise of ISRO’s Earth Observation Satellite, the PSLV – C52. A surreal, ethereal, #InstaWorthy day awaits!

3. Sunset Trek at Kurushimala

Pro tip: Ensure that your shoes have good grip. A 1.5km hike (25-30 minutes) through the rugged terrains of what is still considered as a major pilgrimage site, is the most ideal way to end the day. Watching the sun go down from the peak of Kurushimala, the sky changing its colours and tones, with tunes blasting on your speakers, and maybe even a little animal companion to join you. Sounds too good to be true? We promise you’ll get nothing short of this experience.

4. Kayaking & Ziplining

To all our adventure junkies, this one’s for you… and literally everyone else, because who’d want to miss out on it? Get set for wind in your hair, soreness in your arms, and a truckload of happiness in your heart! Why use conventional modes of transport when you can zipline over vast tea plantations AND a lake? Fun fact: The lake happens to be a dam built by the British and is 410 feet deep! Fly through the picturesque fields and row row row your boat, as you witness a Suryanelli sunset in all its beauty.

5. World's Highest Organic Tea Garden

A wise person once said, “There are two kinds of people in the world: The ones who love tea and the ones who are yet to find the tea they’re going to fall in love with.” Ever thought about the journey of your piping hot cup of rich tea that you just can’t get enough of? The world’s highest tea factory, at an altitude of 7,900 feet above sea level, is right within your reach! Kolukkumalai’s tea estates are here to encourage your passion and convert those of you that prefer other beverages. From strolling through the estate, observing the making of tea, to tasting its flavourful, fine leaves and blends, until it’s served fresh to you, there are endless, engaging activities to fill your day.

6. Cycle As Far As You Can See

Ever wondered what 2500 hectares of land looks like? Welcome to your new bicycle track! Harrisons Malayalam Limited, India’s largest rubber producers and South India’s second largest cultivators of tea, allow you to explore their property freely, riding into the sunset through scenic tea plantations, breathing in its fresh, tempting fragrance. Maybe you’d fancy a little break at their tea factory too?

7. Temple Festivals and Celebrations

Think grand, glorious, ancient architectural masterpieces. South India is popularly known for these incredibly energised places of worship that attract thousands of curious tourists on a daily. Combining culture, community, and celebration are its festivals, loaded with better music than you jam to in the shower and more delicious food than you’ve ever devoured. Not only do you get to join in on a prosperous day, you also witness the coming together of people from all walks of life, understand their beliefs and practices, and make meaningful, lasting connections. Usually occurring once every few weeks, if you’re fortunate enough to have this opportunity, we recommend it’s one you should not skip!

8. Bodimettu's Stunning Viewpoints

Our definition of 2 states: The jaw-dropping viewpoints of Bodimettu. With the scent of both dosa and parotha tingling your senses, this location offers 360°, awe inspiring sights of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. And for you spiced tea lovers, this spot also happens to be Tamil Nadu’s biggest cardamom growing area.

Situated on the border, 11kms from Suryanelli, Bodimettu brings together the best of both worlds that will be sure to leave you wanting more!

Bring your buddies or travel solo, either way, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime, that’s something we know for sure! Open yourself up to new experiences, get inspired, find your peace, because we guarantee, there’s no better place to be.

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